About AMB

My name is Anna. I am a 25 year old wife and boy mom. I was born and raised in Long Island, New York and can currently be found bouncing all over the world! Let's break the ice with some fun facts.. 
My favorite food is shrimp and pasta..
I think most problems can be solved with a puppy and an iced coffee..
My dream vacation would be a lake, some fruity drinks and a beautiful sunset..
And my lucky number is 14!
Now down to business........ 
AMB Handmades was born in 2017. As many of you know I am a military spouse. My husband, Ryan, has gone away on missions many times with the United States Air Force. During one of these missions, I told him I was bored and I wanted to purchase a dye-cut machine. He said “go for it babe!” And the first ever version or this business was born.
At first I began cutting simple vinyl decals and small simple signs. Then as my interest grew, so did my knowledge and my talent. 
When I became pregnant with my son, Greysen, I was so inspired. I began thinking so much more creatively and all I ever wanted to do was craft and draw -- CREATE.
I purchased a desk, a heat press, and some more equipment. Within days "AMB Creations" was up and running. Out of my small little military home in Okinawa Japan, I began pushing out order after order and perfecting my items. 
In late 2019, I began hosting small paint parties for my son and his friends with a local play group. I saw how much fun these were and Local Parties was launched!!! 
Winter of 2019, the name was changed to AMB Handmades, as you see it now. This name change was to showcase that every item ordered from this small business is completely designed and crafted right from my own desk. It is truly all HANDMADE. My goal with this business is to capture the image that is in your head and bring that idea to life. I want to make timeless, meaningful and beautiful pieces that you can showcase for years to come and be truly happy with. I wish to spark joy through my methods of art and creation.
We took a short hiatus to work on the website in February 2020, and for our second Permanent Change of Station, to Mountain Home Idaho where we currently live and operate; and in late July 2020... the website LAUNCHED!!! 
AMB Handmades is now fully operational based in Mountain Home, Idaho and the surrounding areas. I am so happy you are here.
email at anna@ambhandmades.com
message at Facebook.com/ambhandmades
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