Event Booking

Please email me at anna@ambhandmades.com for all party inquiries.
Paint Parties are available in many options. These are great for kids birthday parties or Sip & Paint nights with the girls! When you book a party you will need to pay in full for the amount of guests attending a MINIMUM of 10 days in advance. I will supply you with ALL required material for your craft. (If doing a Sip & Paint, I do not supply beverages.)  
Make Your Own Sign
A Make Your Own Sign party is a bit more advanced than a No Mess Paint Party. You will receive all the materials to create a sign similar to one you would receive from my workshop. You will be supplied with blank wood, paints, stains and stencils. You will paint your background and border, and then place your own stencil onto the wood. Now it is time to begin painting and decorating however you please. Then you will carefully remove any pieces of stencils with provided tools.
The outcome will be very similar to signs found in my shop but all handmade by YOU!!
Parties for 10-25, (Large groups accommodated, contact for details)
Starting at $40 per person  
Make Your Own Sign parties will be supplied:
- appropriate amount of wood and chosen stencils
- acrylic paints
- paint brushes and weeding tools to remove stencils
- hanging accessories and tools to easily display your signs at home
- clean up materials
- Optional: sealant to protect your artwork, aprons
No Mess Paint Party
A No Mess Paint Party will be a bit different than a MYOS party. It is more kid friendly and easily cleaned up. Children as young as 6 months can enjoy sensory play while creating a piece of art for all to enjoy. The children will receive an 8x10 canvas with a stencil (design chosen when party is booked) already applied. Once paint drops are placed onto the canvas you will place it inside a large plastic bag. At this point your child can begin pushing around the paint inside the bag until an almost "tie dye" effect begins to happen. Once done they will remove the stencil and their design will appear in white! 
Paint brushes are supplied for older kids who will to actually paint with a brush. No Mess Paint Parties are also great for anyone with limited hand mobility, or other disabilities.
Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
Parties for 10-25 people (Large groups accommodated, contact for details)
Starting at $25.00 per person 
Kids paint parties will be supplied:
- appropriate amount of canvases with chosen design stencil
- washable paints
- aprons
- paint brushes, wedding tools to remove stencils
- plastic bags 
- wipes
- optional sealant to protect your child's painting for years to come
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