Happy Hanukkah DIY Kit


A DIY kits is the perfect gift or item to have handy for a rainy day at home!

The canvas sets come with one canvas, set up with blue stencil vinyl layered on top, and either one or two acrylic paints depending on what size you get.

4x6 come with one color.

8x10 come with two colors.


How it works:


  1. press down stencil to be sure it is all adhered.
  2. take paints and make drops on the canvas all over.
  3. you can use a paint brush to spread around the paint, or you can go mess free by placing the canvas back onto the plastic bag it came in ( or a ziploc!) and let your loved one smush around to paint droplets. This option is a lot of fun for younger aged kids!
  4. let paint dry, and carefully remove vinyl. The design with appear is white!
  5. use any clear coat sealant to protect your painting! I recommend polycrylic or modge podge.
  6. Display and enjoy!